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"Professor discovers Mesoamerican cave art," by Sophia Ordaz, The Echo at UCA, October 5, 2016 {issuu}

"Arkansas Vets Rediscover the Art of War," by Malcolm Glover, KUAR Public Radio from UA Little Rock, June 14, 2010 {download mp3}

New Rock Art at Old Machu Picchu: UCA professor discovers ancient rock painting, UCA News, April 14, 2009

"UCA professor discovers ancient rock painting," by By Miranda Grubbs, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, April 16, 2009


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Association for Latin American Art

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Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Virginia Public Media

Tidewater Art Alliance

Society for American Archaeology

National Speleological Society

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American Rock Art Research Association

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Arkansas Archeological Society


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Serra da Capivara National Park, Piauí, Brazil [archive]
Information on visiting the park (travel details, contacts, comments, and links).

Pedra Furada Complete [archive]
A series of photographs showing the entire rock art site.

U.S. Dollar Coin Design Candidate [archive]
Design #36 by Thomas D. Rogers Sr. featuring rock art (posted with permission in 1999).






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