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ART 4372

Senior Seminar in Contemporary Art
syllabus | | common notes | | guide for presentations | | PPT template

ART 3329

Arts of Ancient Mesoamerica
syllabus | | Caves, Art, Kingdoms | | Taíno chapters

ART 3311

Arts of Ancient South America
syllabus | | readings | | extras

ART 3307

Arts of Africa
syllabus | | readings | | extras

ART 3303

Nineteenth-Century Art
syllabus | | readings | | extras

ART 2335

Survey of Western Art I: Prehistoric through Medieval
syllabus | | anticipated works | | extras

ART 2325

Survey of Asian Art
syllabus | | extras

ART 2300

Art Appreciation
syllabus | | extras




_Continuity of Instruction During a Catastrophic Event: Important Updates [none]


Readings & Extras

4372 Senior Seminar

3329 Mesoamerican

3311 South American
Dating the Earliest American Art, Pt. 1
Dating the Earliest American Art, Pt. 2
Indigenous Responses to Rock Art
The Angelim Style & Color Photos

Living Arts of Brazil
Kukrodjo (recommended)

3307 Arts of Africa
Yoruba Aesthetics and Yoruba Art
Interpretation and San Rock Art, Pt. 1
Interpretation and San Rock Art, Pt. 2

3301 Modern

3303 Nineteenth Century
Chu, "Gustave Courbet's Venus and Psyche"

Smiles, "Turner and the Slave Trade"
Watanabe, "Eishi Prints in Whistler's Studio"

2335 Survey I: Prehistoric–Medieval
Anticipated Works

2300 Art Appreciation






Art History Style Guide

Plagiarism Advice

Scholarly Sources (courtesy Claude Bélanger)

Common Notes on Papers

Guide for Presentations

Special Characters (ñ, ±, á, ¾, etc)


See also for good, quick advice, and this from
TheVisualCommunicationGuy.com (2014)




Please see me or call to arrange advising appointments.
Bring a copy of these checksheets showing your progress:

General Education requirements
B.A. in Art, Art History emphasis requirements

ART4302 Directed Study Proposals

Directed Study proposal deadlines are here: uca.edu/art/current-students/deadlines/
All proposals must be signed by your faculty mentor.

Art 4302 Directed Study Guidelines [revisions in progress]
Other Department Deadlines


_Irene Winter on Style (an excerpt of an excellent formal analysis!):

Irene Winter, "The Affective Properties of Styles: An Inquiry into Analytical Process and the Inscription of Meaning in Art History," in Picturing Science Producing Art, ed. Caroline A. Jones and Peter Galison (New York: Routledge, 1998), 55-73. [brief excerpt]

_Terence Grieder on Style:

Terence Grieder, Artist and Audience, 2nd ed. (Madison, WI: Brown & Benchmark, 1996), 140. [brief excerpt]

_Greg Urban on Style:

"Style means a form of language use characterizable independently of the content or semantic meaning that is communicated, which constitutes a sign vehicle that contrasts with others in a culture" (Greg Urban, A Discourse Centered Approach to Culture: Native South American Myths and Rituals [Austin: University of Texas Press, 1991], 106).

_Other Readings on Style:
_(see the library for these)

Heinrich Wölfflin, Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art, trans. Marie Donald Mackie Hottinger (1932; New York: Dover, 1950).

Meyer Shapiro, "Style," in Anthropology Today: An Encyclopedic Inventory, ed. A. L. Kroeber (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1953).

Berel Lang, ed., The Concept of Style, revised and expanded (1979; Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1987).

Polly Schaafsma, "Form, Content and Function: Theory and Method in North American Rock Art Studies," in Advances of Archaeological Method and Theory, ed. by M. Schiffer, vol. 8, pp. 237-277 (New York: Academic Press, 1985).

Margaret W. Conkey and Christine Hastorf, eds. The Uses of Style in Archaeology. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990).



Libraries & Research

UCA Torreyson Library
- How do I... Research Guide
- LibGuides for Art

University of Arkansas Little Rock, Ottenheimer Library
Hendrix College, Olin C. Bailey Library
Central Arkansas Library System



FirstSearch — Online Computer Library Center (OCLC): WorldCat & ArticleFirst
This is the best place to start your online search for books, articles and more
Username & password distributed in class — please don't share

Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database (http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/collections/rockart.html)
Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley — Search the Database

Search booksellers for new, used, and out of print books.



ROCK-ART — Discussion and Information
Search the Archives

AZTLAN — A PreColumbian Discussion List
Search the Archives







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